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This is a WIP, no documentation is currently done and the entire process might be buggy or some properties might be missing.

I'm working alone and I'll add new features in the future like:

What is?

It's a new way to write css using Javascript!

How does it works?

JSSheet is based on a javascript-driven layout, you can define multiple layouts using partials and hierarchies using children. A gulp watcher will compile the javascript component into a minified css called dist.css.

Starting from a styles.js element you can define css properties and children:

* @author nicolacastellanidev@gmail.com
* @desc the root stylesheet, don't rename stylesheets export
/// Get shared constants
const { fonts, colors } = require("./variables");
/// Get partials
const { body } = require("./partials/body");
const { header } = require("./partials/header");
const { generics } = require("./partials/generics");

* Core stylesheet
const stylesheets = {
  root: {
  selector: "body",
  background: colors.primary,
  fontFamily: fonts.main,
  padding: 0,
  margin: 0,
  overflowX: "hidden",
  children: [header, body, ...generics]

module.exports = {

partials are sub-components wich can be separate from the main styles component and handled as atomic components:

* @author nicolacastellanidev@gmail.com
* @desc handle .Header partial styles
/// get color constants
const { colors } = require("../variables");
/// custom partial constants
const headerHeight = "75vh";
const headerBackground =

* .Header styling
const header = {
  selector: ".Header",
  color: colors.primary,
  width: "100%",
  height: headerHeight,
  align: "center column",
  background: headerBackground

module.exports = {

How can I use it?

Download the repository from https://github.com/NicolaLC/js-sheet and follow those steps:

From root directory:

yarn (if yarn is not installed run npm i yarn -g)
yarn watch to start watching edits
yarn server to run the server @ localhost:3000

If everything works fine you should see this page at localhost:3000

Now you can start creating your own styles starting from this template!

yarn dev to run the wather and the server @ localhost:3000 (if concurrently is not installed run npm i concurrently -g)